Apartment type
Rental dates
Number of guests

Spacious apartment of 34 m². Thanks to the competent zoning, the apartment has a living room and sleeping area, as well as a kitchen area. The apartment is equipped with modern appliances.


42 m 2

bed width

180 см

1-3 persons

Renting an apartment Family

from 5100 ₽ / day

with a pet + 500 ₽ / day
Price valid from 01.08.2024

from 50550 ₽ / month

Send a request for long-term rental
with a pet + 4890 ₽ / month

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The kitchenette


Microwave oven



Tableware and cutlery

Dressing room

Safe deposit


Digital TV

Wireless Internet connection

Transformer bed

Folding sofa


Service packages

Our apart-hotel offers a wide range of services. To make the stay of our guests as convenient and comfortable as possible, we have combined the most popular of them into packages and reduced the cost.

What is the difference between packages?

Each service can be ordered separately. You can always use any offered service, for example, order an apartment decoration or a transfer service